Find the right fit

Give your breasts the attention they deserve. Adjust your bra to make it fit perfectly.
We also recommend that you get personal guidance in one of our stores or online to find your right size and shape.


Step 1-The belt
The bra should fit tightly around the torso, and the band should sit in a straight line around your back. If not, the strap will pull in the shoulder and create tension, or even headaches.

Step 2-The cup
Make sure that the cup is big enough and is smooth over the breasts without any humps. Your breast are not "one-size fits all". They don't even stay the same size year after year.

Step 3-The wire
The underwire must have the right width and should fit close to the body around the breast to avoid pinching.

Step 4-The hook
Please remember that your new bra should fit snugly on the outher hook. This way you can tighten it when the fabric expands from use.

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