How to take good care of your lingerie

If you want your lingerie to last linger and keep the shape, follow these few easy steps.


Before you wash your bra, be sure to remove padding if possible. If you use a washing machine, we recomment that you hook the bra together and place it in a washing bag, so it doesn't snag in to other clothes.


We always recommend hand wash, but we fully understand that you are a busy woman. If you use the washing machine, you should always make sure that you are using a washing bag and choose a delicate program of max. 30 degrees.


Never use bleach or fabric softener. If you want to use soap, please use a mild soap for delicate material.


Never use a dryer. The best way to dry your lingerie is to let it air-dry. This way, the product will keep it's fit and stay beautiful. Don't sqeeze the excess water out of the bra, place it flat on a towel instead.

How often?

You don't have to wash your bra every time you have used it, in fact you should not wash your bra too often. We recommend that you wash your bra after 4 times of use. If you have a tendency to sweat, you might want to wash it every second time.

We give you 4 easy steps that will ensure that your swimwear lasts longer:

1.Rinse: Always rinse your swimwear in clean water after bathing in salt or chlorine water.

2.Hand wash: We recommend that you wash your swimwear regularly to remove sunscreen, etc., which is not always washed off after a single rinse. Use a mild soap without bleach.

3.Remove excess water with a towel: Do not twist your swimwear to squeeze out the excess water. Instead, wrap it in a towel and squeeze the water. This way, your swimwear keeps its shape.

4.Let it dry in the shade: Avoid letting your swimwear dry in the sun, even if it works effectively. The color of the swimwear lasts longer if you let it dry in the shade.

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