8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size – what about you?

Do you recognize the feeling of nagging bra straps and cups pinching your skin? Are you one of those women, who can’t wait to take off your bra after a long day? Then you might be one of the 80% of all women, who are wearing the wrong bra size.

A lot of women tend to find a bra size at a young age and wear the same size year after year. They don’t take into consideration, that the body changes through time which also affects the size of the breasts. You might wonder why the right bra size is so important and most importantly, how do you find it? You will get all the answers you need right here.


Why is it important to find the right bra size?

Try to picture yourself walking around in a pair of shoes that are too small. Your feet will get sore, and you will most likely feel uncomfortable the whole day. This scenario is not much different to wearing a wrong bra size. Firstly, it’s important to emphasize that it should not be uncomfortable to wear a bra, in fact you should not even notice that you are wearing one.  

Second, your breasts don’t have muscles, so if they don’t get the right support, they will pull the weight downward. This can lead to tension for your skin on the throat and face, which can cause both headache and neck pain. When your breasts are not supported it can also lead to a bad posture.

Besides the health issues, wearing a wrong bra size can also affect your appearance. The bra can make your breasts look strange and bulgy all the wrong places. A bra with the right support and size will make your breasts look good, and make your clothes fit and feel better on your body.


Clear signs that it’s time for a new bra

There can be several signs indicating that your bra doesn’t fit. The belt can be too big, the straps can be nagging in your shoulders, or the cups can look baggy. To help you find out if your bra is a bad match, we have collected some common bra issues and suggestions for a quick solution.

1. Your breast have an extra bugle

There is nothing wrong with a pushed-up cleavage, but if your breasts are almost falling out of the bra it’s not a good sign. The extra breast part does not get any support, and this can lead to a lot of discomfort. A simple solution is to go up a cup size to avoid this extra jiggly upper breast part. 

2. Your cups are baggy or wrinkly

If the fabric on the cups looks baggy or wrinkly, and you feel your breasts “swimming” around in the cup, it can mean two things; either the cup size is too big, or you might have been wearing your favourite bra a little too often and the bra has lost its shape. Either way it’s time for a new bra.

3. There is a gap between cup and breast

The cup is like a hammock for your breast, and they should be able to rest (so to say). Therefore, the underwire of the bra should always follow the bottom of your breast. If not, your breasts do not get the right support. If you have a gap between cup and breast, you should try to go down a cup size.

4. The belt rides up at the back

If the belt rides up your back instead of going across in a straight line, this is a clear indicator of the bra straps being too tight. The real issue is that the belt size is too big and to compensate you tighten the straps too much. If this is the case, you should go down a belt size and up a cup size.

5. Your straps keeps falling

If you have trouble keeping your straps in place, and they keep falling down your shoulders, they are clearly too loose. If they keep getting loose, even though you often tighten them, it could be an indicator that the straps have lost their elasticity. In that case you need a new bra.

6. Your straps leaves marks in your shoulders

This is one of the most uncomfortable issues with wearing a wrong bra size. Nagging straps leaving marks in the shoulders is especially a problem for women with larger breasts. The issue happens when the straps are tightened too much, when trying to provide extra support to a heavy bosom. The belt provides most of the support, so if you need to tighten your straps to the point where it hurts, you need a smaller band size.

7. The cup does not cover the whole breast

The underwire, or cup seam of your bra, should always follow your breast all the way from under your arms and into the middle of your breast. If the cup is pressing or pinching the breast your cup is too small, and you need to go up a cup size until it fits snuggly.


What do I do now?

Reding this article, you might have discovered that your bra doesn’t fit like it should. The next step is to find a new bra that will fit your size and shape. The easiest way to find a bra that fits is simply by getting a personal bra fitting. That way you can avoid any discomfort you might have experienced in the past. You don’t need to book a bra fitting; you simply swing by your nearest CHANGE Lingerie  store and ask one of the Personal Shoppers to take your measurements.

Getting a bra fitting is usually very simple and quick. It always takes place in a fitting room, and you only need to take off your outer layers of clothes and can keep your bra on. With a measuring tape the Personal Shopper will quickly measure around your chest and in less than two seconds, you will know your correct bra size. 

The female body goes through a lot of changes; weight loose, weight gain, hormonal shift, pregnancy – just to name a few, so we always recommend that you get a bra fitting every 6th month.

Remember - your true bra fit is out there!

Thank you for passing by CHANGE Lingerie

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